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We're Green

Bio Bug understands the need to preserve our environment. It is our mission to make sure that our environmental imprint is minimal in everything we do. Bio Bug provides and encourages Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is a proactive approach to preventing pest problems. Rather than simply spraying chemicals and pesticides on a regular basis, this process focuses on long-term solutions that are less toxic to the environment. 

IPM is really a three step process: 

1. Limiting pest access to food and removing potential nesting areas.

2. Using mechanical devices such as traps to remove pests.

3. Applying pesticide applications that have very minimal risks because of our application methods combined with some of the low toxicity products we use.

Our office staff contributes to our green efforts by recycling all paper and cardboard materials. Bio Bug is also a member of and supports Sustainable Connections.  Sustainable Connections is a local effort actively involved in promoting healthy, durable, efficient, and environmentally responsible places to live, play and work. Regardless of how big or little the job, Bio Bug is committed to always following proper disposal requirements of any and all pesticide containers.  To learn more about our green efforts call us at 888-323-7378.